god said he was going to skin me alive!

this city is misting over the skyscrapers. the cement feels so damp yet pretty at once. is life imitating me or is rage imitating life?

i'm jude and this accidentally turned into an american idiot blog and i don't know how i'm stuck in 2011 send help

we’ve all got our junk

     and my junk is you

from dusk till dawn meme [2/5] episodes: pandemonium

Pedro Pascal doing the Ice Bucket Challenge

Leslie McDonel and Rebecca Naomi Jones with The Skivvies. (x)

make me choose » anonymous asked: Skins UK or Breaking Bad?

You made your choice.


Eraserhead (1977) dir. David Lynch

Cinematographers: Herbert Cardwell + Frederick Elmes

i cried three times while watching the law and order svu episode with jgj in it and im not afraid to admit it


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